Want to lose weight?  Can't get motivated?

You’re in the right spot!

Join us on the Barry On Deck weight loss challenge. We’re going to lose weight together, motivate each other, hold each other accountable, and have some fun. And the best part is, you could win $100 (or more) WHILE YOU GET SEXY AGAIN!

Keep reading to find out ALL THE DETAILS on how you can join us but PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY, IT IS A LOT OF INFORMATION, but all of it is important. 

Each contestant MUST Venmo Jenn (@Jennifer-Jones-1732) a $100 deposit before July 5, 2023 11:59pm (CT). If you’re late with your deposit (or weigh in video) you will not be entered and your money will be returned.

Don’t worry, these deposits are refundable…as long as you do what is required. More on that below.

NOTE: Please include your name (and your Discord/BOD Chat screen name if different) and email with your deposit.


Each contestant will be given 90% their initial deposit back at the end of the contest provided they have not had a deduction in funds for a given week. See below for deduction details.

ALL deductions will go into the “winners pot” and will be split evenly between the winners of the contest.

Absolutely no refunds/excuses for deducted funds.

The 2023 Barry On Deck Weight Loss Challenge is 5 weeks long and will be from July 5, 2023 – Aug 8, 2023.

To be considered entered, contestants must have their initial weigh in video AND deposit submitted to Jenn by WEDNESDAY July 5, 2023 at 11:59pm CT.

If both of these are not met the contestant will not be considered entered into the weight loss challenge and any deposits will be refunded. 

If you have an issue and need to speak with Jenn, email her at Jenn@BarryOnDeck.com

The weight loss groups are defined as:

  • Group 1 – All Women
  • Group 2 – Men weighing 225 lbs or less
  • Group 3 – Men weighing over 225 lbs

There will be 3 winners, one from each group (as defined above). 

Each winner will win $100 PLUS a 1/3 split of the “deposit pool” (more on that below)

Each week contestants will have a chance to accumulate points. 

The contestant with the most points at the end of the contest in each group will be declared the winner for the respective group.

In case of a tie, the prize money and deposit pool money for that group will be split evenly.

Each week you must submit the following items to Jenn by Wednesday 11:59pm:

  • Proof of activity (steps or exercise) (Usually sent in the form of screenshots)
  • Food Log
  • Weigh In Video

Points are earned based on the following:

Physical activity points are earned by either getting in your steps or doing some kind of exercise or activity each week. You can not combine them for the week but you can change what you do from week to week. So week 1 you can do steps, week 2 you can lift weights, etc…

If you have any questions, email Jenn (Jenn@BarryOnDeck.com)


10 points max per week (5 base points + 5 bonus points (if earned))



  • 70,000 steps in a week (10k/day) = 5 points
  • Each additional 5000 steps (above 70k) is worth 1 point. NO ROUNDING!
  • Max bonus points per week is 5.
  • Example: If you get 82,378 steps in week one, that would be worth 7 points (5 points for 70k steps + 2 points for 10k bonus steps.)
  • Send Jenn a screenshot of your weekly steps.


Activity is defined as any type of exercise other than walking/jogging/running. Some examples are lifting weights, time spent on the rowing machine, elliptical, swimming, etc…). If you’re unsure email Jenn for clarification (Jenn@BarryOnDeck.com)

  • 150 minutes of “exercise/activity” in a week = 5 points NO ROUNDING!
  • Each additional 10 minutes is worth 1 extra point. NO ROUNDING!
  • Max bonus points per week is 5
  • Example: If you get 162 minutes of exercise in week one, that would be worth 6 points (5 points for 150 minutes + 1 points for 10 bonus minutes.)
  • Send Jenn a screenshot of your weekly activity log.

PART 2: Food Log (WEEKLY)

5 points per week

  • Record at least 1 entry in a food log each day (7 total for the week)
  • This is all or nothing. If you miss a day you will not get the points for the week. 
  • Send Jenn your weekly food log by WEDNESDAY at 11:59pm to earn your 5 points

Weigh-In Video (weekly)

5 points max per week

  • Send Jenn your weekly weigh in video by WEDNESDAY at 11:59pm = 5 points
  • Each weigh in video must be recorded THAT WEEK and can not be edited. It must be ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT from your face to the scale. The videos WILL BE PRIVATE and will NEVER be made public.

Weekly Weight Loss (weekly)


  • FEMALES: Each 1 pound lost = 5 points
  • MALES weighing 225 lbs or less: Each 2 pounds lost = 5 points
  • MALES weighing over 226 lbs: Each 3 pounds lost = 5 points
  • No rounding. So if you lose 2.8 pounds you only get credit for losing 2 pounds.

Final Weight (at end of contest)

  • Each contestant will be given points for the percent of fat last at the end of the contest, upon final weigh in.
  • The formula for this will be: Percent weight lost x 2 = points given
  • For example, if a contest lost 15% of their original weigh-in weight, they would receive an additional 30 points added to their final total (15*2=30)

In order to avoid having 20% ($18) of their deposit taken from them and added to the winner pot each week, each contestant must complete the following items:

  • at least 70,000 steps or 150 minutes of activity (see above)
  • Submit a weekly food log with at least 1 entry per day (7 total)
  • Submit a weigh in video


Absolutely NO EXCUSES will be accepted for not completing the 3 mandatory weekly items above each week.

If you have ANY questions please contanct Jenn via email at Jenn@BarryOnDeck.com